Table of Contents

The Marshweathrian War

Chapter 1 - In Which The Princess Needs Help, and Lady Winifred Does Something About It

Chapter 2 - In Which Help Appears From An Unexpected Source

Chapter 3 - In Which Princess Dulcie Complains

Chapter 4 - In Which Lynde Falconer Assesses Her Position

Chapter 5 - In Which Danger Appears On The Horizon

Chapter 6 - In Which Princess Dulcie Writes About Lynde, and Tom Crowder Writes About Dumcruckle

Chapter 7 - In Which Bentlefay Acquires Knowledge, and Takes Steps

Chapter 8 - In Which King Davin Misses His Wife

Chapter 9 - In Which Princess Dulcie Has A Much Better Time Than Usual

Chapter 10 - In Which Bleake Makes Plans, But Reckons Without Prince Hugo

Chapter 11 - In Which Lynde Falconer Grows Accustomed To Court Life

Chapter 12 - In Which Intrigue Simmers Beneath The Surface

Chapter 13 - In Which The Queen Returns Home

Chapter 14 - In Which Love Is Discussed With Some Detachment

Chapter 15 - In Which Everything Is Quite Normal, Until It Isn't

Chapter 16 - In Which Something Awful Happens

Chapter 17 - In Which Bentlefay Receives A Grisly Message

Chapter 18 - In Which Rafe Reaches Out With One Hand

Chapter 19 - In Which Courage Is Discussed With No Detachment At All

Chapter 20 - In Which Friendship Is Made, And Perhaps More

Chapter 21 - In Which The Worm Turns At Dumcruckle

Chapter 22 - In Which Tarpley Discusses Himself Reluctantly

Chapter 23 - In Which Tom Crowder Evolves A Plan

Chapter 24 - In Which Tom And The Dumcruckles Head For The Hills

Chapter 25 - In Which Tom Saves The Day

Chapter 26 - In Which Tarpley Decides His Allegiance

Chapter 27 - In Which Lynde Has Mixed Feelings

Chapter 28 - In Which Everyone Is Paradoxically Relieved

Chapter 29 - In Which Prince Hugo Makes Preparations

Chapter 30 - In Which Lynde Takes A Prisoner

Chapter 31 - In Which Introductions Are Made

Chapter 32 - In Which Prince Hugo Grows Up A Little

Chapter 33 - In Which Explanations Are Made, And Expectations Dashed

Chapter 34 - In Which A Sigh Of Relief Is Breathed

Chapter 35 - In Which Marshweather Isn't Such A Bad Place, After All

The Norhammer Conflict

Chapter 1 - In Which a New Sort of Trouble Arrives in Bentlefay

Chapter 2 - In Which the Dust Settles at Court and at Dumcruckle

Chapter 3 - In Which the Princess' Foreboding is Justified

Chapter 4 - In Which News Arrives From Abroad

Chapter 5 - In Which the Princess Grows Desperate

Chapter 6 - In Which Formal Greetings Are Exchanged

Chapter 7 - In Which Sir Bardolph Can't Quite Believe It, But It Is True

Chapter 8 - In Which Lynde and the Princess Have a Discussion

Chapter 9 - In Which the Princess Learns Something New

Chapter 10 - In Which Everything is Back to Normal

Chapter 11 - In Which Tom Makes a New Friend

Chapter 12 - In Which Danger Appears on the High Seas

Chapter 13 - In Which the Queen Calls Upon Her Relations for Assistance

Chapter 14 - In Which Lynde and Tom Behave Rather Stupidly, Considering

Chapter 15 - In Which the Situation Becomes Serious

Chapter 16 - In Which Unforgivable Things Are Said

Chapter 17 - In Which Battle Lines Are Drawn

Chapter 18 - In Which More Than One Journey Begins

Chapter 19 - In Which Lynde Sees a Bit More of the World

Chapter 20 - In Which the Princess Meets Some Relations

Chapter 21 - In Which the Agreement is Made

Chapter 22 - In Which the Hospitality of the Pirate Kin is Put to the Test

Chapter 23 - In Which the Agreement is Put to the Test

Chapter 24 - In Which the Adventure Appears to be Over

Chapter 25 - In Which the Tables are Turned Rather Neatly

Chapter 26 - In Which the Princess Entertains a Guest

Chapter 27 - In Which the End Begins

Chapter 28 - In Which the Day is Saved By ... Well, Everyone Really

Chapter 29 - In Which a Couple of Questions are Resolved

Chapter 30 - In Which Goodbyes are Said

Chapter 31 - In Which Amends are Made

Chapter 32 - In Which Our Heroes Arrive Home

Chapter 33 - In Which Plans are Made and Gratitude Expressed

Chapter 34 - In Which Introductions Are Made

Chapter 35 - In Which a Wedding is Celebrated at Court

The Dahavi Diplomacy

Chapter 1 - In Which the Princess Assumes New Responsibilities

Chapter 2 - In Which the Newlyweds Return

Chapter 3 - In Which Lynde and Tom Start Their New Lives

Chapter 4 - In Which Housekeeping Has Its Compensations

Chapter 5 - In Which the Whole Story Arrives from Norhammer